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From Hamilton, Ontario, Samantha "Meave" Pearson is a remarkable 26-year-old singer-songwriter who possesses undeniable talent. MEAVE's journey took an unexpected turn during her regular busking sessions in the bustling streets of Niagara Falls. While sitting on a stoop outside the building where the third season of Canada's Got Talent was being recorded, MEAVE's captivating voice caught the attention of passing producers on their lunch break, who instantly recognized her immense potential. 


Invited for an impromptu audition by Howie Mandel himself, this set her on an extraordinary path where she secured a coveted spot in the show's grand finale, mesmerizing over 500,000 viewers with her exceptional performance and earning the title of Grand-Finalist (4th position) and a notable "you're a star" from Howie Mandel. 


Embracing the attention generated by the show, MEAVE embarked on a journey as an independent artist. With unwavering passion and dedication, she poured her heart and soul into crafting her own original songs. Presently, she already has over ten captivating compositions recorded, each reflecting her genre-agnostic approach to music. Some of these compositions will be on a soon to be released EP.

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